PLT® litter acidifier has proven to be the most effective and economical litter treatment available, used in tens of thousands of commercial poultry houses around the world. PLT® creates a beneficial environment in the poultry house by controlling ammonia released from the litter and reducing litter pH levels, allowing birds to optimize their genetic potential. The ammonia bound by PLT® reduces environmental emissions and increases the nutrient value of poultry litter.

Mode of Action

Immediately binds ammonia in the treated area of the poultry house. Reduces urease production. Reduces ammonia released from the litter. Ammonia bound in the litter increases fertilizer value. Lowers the pH of poultry litter from an average 8.5 down to 1.5 on the pH scale. Acidifying litter dramatically improves litter ecology. Use of PLT® before each flock extends life of the litter. Saves the cost of new litter and cleanout. PLT®-treated litter is good for crops and the environment. Turns volatile ammonia into stable ammonium sulfate increasing the fertilizer value of the litter.


When PLT® is applied it breaks down into sodium, hydrogen and sulfate. The hydrogen lowers pH and converts ammonia into ammonium. This ammonium then binds to the sulfate portion keeping ammonia bound in the litter for the life of the flock. PLT® is a safe mineral acid that breaks down into products naturally found in the environment.

Garanteed Analysis

Non-hazardous per current U.S. Department of Transportation definition. Produced following a Quality Management System certified to the ISO 9001:2008 Standard. GMO-Free. BSE-risk free material.

Physical Characteristics

Appearance: Dry, white granular product. Odor: Slightly acidic, non-offensive.


When applying PLT®, please wear the following protective items: Safety goggles, long pants with pant leg outside of boot or shoe, long sleeve shirt, gloves and dust mask. Store PLT® in a dry area and tightly re-seal open bags when storing. Be sure to prevent exposure from moisture prior to application. DO NOT MIX PLT® with liquid chlorine bleach, ammonia cleansers or similar products.

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