DCL Animal Healt Nutrition specializes itself in the distribution of nutritional and health products for farm animals. These products are meant for producers, feed mills, veterinary clinics, veterinary drugstores and pre-mixers.

Located in St-Hyacinthe, city at the heart of agriculture, DCL provides a complete and various range of non-medicated feed additives, such as essential oil products, enzymes, probiotics, acidifiers and high intensity sweetners and flavors, manufactured for the swine, poultry, ruminant, veal and petfood industries.

DCL, is composed of a team of ten people understanding the needs of their customers that have to meet with always greater market expectations. DCL works to improve the zootechnical performance and profitability in animal production by supplying the industry with the best products at the lowest cost.

Allying the best of american and european technologies, DCL built its reputation with superior quality products, provided by internationally renown suppliers.