DCL Animal Health Nutrition


Distribution Claude Lévesque started its activities in 1996.  Founded by M. Claude Lévesque, whom it inherited the name, the beginning of the company's operation has mainly been involved in animal health products.

History in bref

  • 1996......Beginning of the operations
  • 1998......Pancosma becomes DCL's main supplier
  • 2000......Sole distributor of Steris Canada in animal health
  • 2002......Strategic Alliance with Pro-Ag to distribute their products in Quebec province.
  • 2005......Inauguration of our new office, warehouse and distribution center located in St-Hyacinthe, agro-science centre
  • 2006......DCL is chosen by CHR Hansen to be exclusive distributor for Quebec province and the Maritimes.
  • 2011......DCL is sold and M. Martin Gregoire takes over. Distribution Claude Lévesque becomes DCL Nutrition + Santé Animale.
  • 2012......Prince Agri Products trusts in DCL for the distribution of their products

Over the years, DCL diversified its activities with the adding of new range of products : Disinfectants, vitamin additives, specialty products and vaccines.  DCL’s main goal was to provide its customers with value-added products.  We concentrated on worldwide renown products, manufactured according to the highest quality standards.

In December of 2005, DCL inaugurates their new office, warehouse and distribution centre en the heart of the agro-science city of St-Hyacinthe.

It is in June of 2006 that DCL is chosen by Chr Hansen to be exclusive distributor for Quebec province and the Maritimes.

On the 3rd of June 2011, M. Claude Lévesque chooses to leave his president position.  Confident in the future and his mind full of projects, Martin Grégoire becomes the owner of the company, taking over the presidency of DCL which is now known as DCL Nutrition + Santé Animale.

On March 1st, 2012, DCL becomes distributor of Nutragen and Animate from the company Prince Agri products.

Still today, DCL is always present in many exhibitions, congresses and agricultural fairs.  The company is always on the look-out for new products and commits to always offer a more complete and diversified range of products.  DCL keeps on following the developments of the industry of nutrition and animal health.