Premium Bottle Mount Vaccinator

Premium Bottle Mount VaccinatorPremium Bottle Mount Vaccinator


Packaged in a box designed for hanging, the Bottle Mount Vaccinator is designed to allow effective application. The self-contained, one handed unit allows full mobility and automatic filling of vaccinators, without returning to the bottle or using a hose. This type of syringe is not recommended for use with bottles of 250ml or more. Replacement parts are available for each type. Include with the package: 3 bottle collars (20mm, 30mm and 33mm), 100ml Fast Fit, 250ml (30mm) Fast Fit and metal luer lock needle nut.

Format Code Price
Prima Vaccinateur Porte-Flacon 0.5cc 332370 40.99 $ Add to cart
Prima Vaccinateur Porte-Flacon 2cc 206558 40.99 $ Add to cart
Prima Vaccinateur Porte-Flacon 5cc 206657 40.99 $ Add to cart
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